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Welcome to Koko FitClub.

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The alternative to mainstream fitness.

You want to be fit, but traditional fitness has let you down.

Experience individualized fitness at the gym where you truly belong.

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A Proven 1:1 Training System

Only Koko FitClub combines technology with individualized coaching to customize your workouts and guide you to success.

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Why Koko will work for you.

With our patented 3-step Koko Smartraining™ System coaching technology, it's easy to look and feel your best — for life!

Step 1:

Build a foundation of fitness in just a few weeks while building a habit that "sticks."

Step 2:

Concentrate on your goals with individualized strength and cardio conditioning and personal nutrition.

Step 3:

A sustainable training program designed to burn fat, stay strong and build lean muscle for LIFE.

You can do this! Just 15-30 minutes, a few times a week is all it takes.

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People like you are changing their lives.

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"I was over 200 pounds, suffering from a number of health problems and my doctor recommended exercise. I joined Koko and it changed my life. I now weigh 145 lbs. The health problems that plagued me for so many years are now gone. My strength has increased 112%. Where there was fat now there is muscle. The FitCoaches believe in me and truly care about my health. They are my support system and help me stay Koko strong."

~ Lanie M.

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“At 58 I have not felt better. I enjoy the challenge every time I step into Koko FitClub. My results have been AMAZING and I still have the passion to get up and go. The support from the team is second to none: always willing to help, challenge you, and making it fun. I look forward to many more years and someday the opportunity to play with my grandchildren.”

~ John D.

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Member merete s 544404ed8e8a2f388f220fc484bfa0d098319277bcbf3e7b0b8308796913d711

“I was a member of another gym, where I paid my fee but never went. I never knew what to do to improve my overall fitness. I love how Koko tells me exactly what to do. I really feel, and see, the difference.. I recently ran a half marathon - I would never had been able to do it without Koko.”

~ Merete S.

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Member donnette d fe72ffa834e1bc1c783556e50c70298236c93efd9922d437353bf89ec465f854

“I am healthier and stronger in my 50's than I was in my 40's. I go to Koko 3-5 times a week and feel great every time I leave. I told myself that I could spend an hour on the couch or an hour (including round trip) at the gym. I choose the latter and am a proud, strong Nonnie to my grandkids! I Koko for my family and myself!”

~ Donnette D.

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You are not alone

Work out independently with a digital coach, or with a friendly, certified FitCoach. At Koko, you never have to go it alone.

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Get 30 days of complete fitness and coaching — everything you need to succeed.


* Not available in all locations. Some restrictions apply. See local club for details. Results may vary.