Necessity is the mother of invention

When Mary Obana and Mike Lannon welcomed their son Kai into the world, they made a promise to be healthier, to live longer so they could enjoy every moment of their son’s life.

But, as new parents, life became a sea of diapers, sleepless nights and take-out. Exercise became a thing of the past. Over time, they found themselves out of shape and overweight.

So, they did what most people do: They joined a “big-box” gym, and tried their best to get there. After months of being ignored, of wandering around without a plan, they were exactly where they started – out of shape and frustrated.

They weren’t alone. At traditional gyms, over 90% of people never receive help or coaching with their workouts. No wonder so many people fail and quit the gym! There had to be a better way…

As entrepreneurs with tech and marketing backgrounds, the couple set out to find a solution. They researched thousands of men and women who were in the same boat: People were tired of the gym scene. Tired of being yelled at in sweaty group classes. Tired of feeling lost and ignored. And most of all, tired of disappointing results.

Mary and Mike brought together a team of leading exercise physiologists, MIT engineers, software developers, and designers. Their task: create the alternative to mainstream fitness.

Together, they invented the first and only gym to combine the power of digital technology and individualized coaching in a complete training system. A system that customizes workouts and meal plans to the needs of the individual, with digital coaching to make sure the workouts are done properly.

They named their “second baby” Koko FitClub, choosing the Japanese word “Koko” because it means individualized, one-by-one, unique.

Today, with over 100 Koko FitClub locations in North America, Koko FitClub is changing lives for thousands of men and women. Mike and Mary’s idea has grown into a movement that’s transforming how adults stay healthy, fit and happy, for life.