How The Smartraining System Works

With expert coaching and Koko’s patented Koko Smartraining System, exercising and eating right has never been easier.  Whether you work out independently with a digital coach, or 1:1 with a certified FitCoach, you’ll always get individualized coaching with every customized workout.
Step 1


Our coaches work closely with you to set goals and outline a realistic plan to get there. You’ll re-establish your body’s natural movement patterns and work to build a foundation of fitness in just a few weeks. This is where you’ll build a workout habit that “sticks”.*

Step 2


To concentrate on your goals we safely increase the intensity of your coached workouts, including total-body strength and cardio conditioning. Your personalized nutrition plan will help improve energy and fuel greater results from your workout.*

Step 3


Reshape your body from the inside out with a sustainable, coached training program designed to burn fat and build lean muscle – for life! With just 2-3 sessions a week on average, you’ll feel stronger and leaner with more energy to take on new challenges.*

You can do this! Just a few times a week with Koko is all it takes to look and feel your best.

Individualized Fitness Solutions

Your goals are unique to you, and important to us. Whether you are new to fitness, or just starting over, our FitCoaches use patented, tech-driven systems to create a fitness solution specifically for your needs.

Individualized Coaching with every workout
Koko Smartraining 30-minute strength conditioning
Koko Cardio 15-minute HIIT cardio training
Koko X 1:1 functional training
Koko Fuel personalized nutrition program
MyKokoFitClub private online fitness account to track results


Heather FLife Saver

“Koko is transforming my life. I was officially overweight and at my wits’ end. The coaches are so friendly and non-judgmental. I never liked gyms, but THIS is the place for me. I’m addicted. Koko has literally saved my life.”

John MStaying in Shape Together

“My wife and I started 4 years ago. I have lost 60 pounds and at age 64 I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My wife enjoys the workouts and has found Koko to be the easiest program to stay with. We will be going there for the rest of our lives. It makes us stronger and healthier. We want to keep traveling as long as we are able and Koko will help us accomplish this.”

Nancy NFifty, Fit and Fabulous

“I have a chronic illness that includes fibromyalgia and fatigue. When I turned 50, I set a goal to incorporate strength training into my routine to protect bones, muscle loss and increase staminaand flexibility. Koko FitClub is the best remedy to fight what ails me! It really keeps me going! Thank you Koko!”

LanieHealthy at Last

“I was over 200 pounds, suffering from a number of health problems and my doctor recommended exercise. I joined Koko and it changed my life. I now weigh 145lbs. The health problems that plagued me for so many years are now gone. My strength has increased 112%. Where there was fat now there is muscle. The FitCoaches believe in me and truly care about my health. They are my support system and help me stay Koko strong.”

Michael J#StrongDad

“One word describes the Koko experience -- transformative. After not working out for 16 years, I joined Koko. I had no energy, I was overweight and saw a pretty bleak future. After a few weeks I was hooked. The whole program is arranged for me and ensures that I continue to progress. The only thing I have to do is show up. I'm now wearing the same size pants as my college days, and my girls are appreciating a MUCH more active dad.”


*results may vary.